Now Offering Dim Sum in Kamloops

Moon Wok Chinese Restaurant now proudly offers diners a new way to enjoy our Chinese cuisine—fresh, delicious dim sum at our North Shore location in Kamloops. Our dim sum menu is available on Sundays from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Please call or advise our team if you have any questions regarding our menu items.

Dim Sum Menu

  • (S): $6.50
  • (M): $7.50
  • (L): $8.50


  • D1. Fat Ming Shrimp Balls (L)
  • D2. Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce (M)
  • D3. Deep Fried Sesame Ball (S)
  • D4. Spicy Squid (L)
  • D5. Spicy Prawns (L)
  • D6. Stuffed Egg Plant (L)
  • D7. Steamed Herbal Silkie Chicken - $12.50
  • D8. Chef Special Congee (L)

Chef’s Special

  • D9. Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings) (M)
  • D10. Siu Mai (Pork Dumplings) (S)
  • D11. Homemade Pan Fried Bok
    Choy/Pork Dumplings (S)
  • D12. Chui Chow Fun Gua (S)
  • D13. Deep Fried Pork Dumplings (M)
  • D14. BBQ Pork Bun (M)
  • D15. Creamy Egg Yolk Custard Bun (M)
  • D16. Deep Fried Golden Plain Bun (S)
  • D17. Shanghai Bun (S)
  • D18. Steamed Sticky Rice Rolls (M)
  • D19. Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce (S)
  • D20. Poached Beef Omasan (L)
  • D21. Pan Fried Turnip Cake (S)
  • D22. Steamed Ribs in Black Bean Sauce (S)
  • D23. Steamed Chicken in Lotus Wrap (M)
  • D24. Beef Brisket, Tripe and Turnip (M)
  • D25. BBQ Pork (M)
  • D26. Steamed Beef Balls (M)
  • D27. Ginger Beef (M)
  • D28. Sweet & Sour Pork (M)
  • D29. Bean Curd Rolls (M)


  • D30. Beef Chow Fun - $12.95
  • D31. Japanese Style Chow Mein (M)
  • D32. Pan Fried Rice Rolls with Soy Sauce (M)
  • D33. Soy Sauce Chow Mein (M)
  • D34. Pork & Preserves
    Cabbage Vermicelli (M)
  • D35. Braised Beef Brisket in Noodle (M)


  • D36. Deep Fried Bananas (S)
  • D37. Egg Tarts (S)
  • D38. Mango Pudding (S)
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